Staff Directory

Are you looking to contact a specific member of our staff? See our staff directory below.

President - Chris St. John -

Closing Department -
David St. John - Closing Officer-
Sarah Dodge - Closing Officer -
Kim Mohan - Closing Officer -
Karen Bartlett- Closing Officer -

Escrow Department
Linda Dain - Bookeeping/Escrow -

Recording Desk
Catherine St. John- Recording -

Kyle Mead - Examining Attorney -

Research Department
Tom Schuetz -
John Rau -
Nolan Kean -
Kathy Cahill -

Data Entry Department
Susie Waugh - Data Entry

Typing Department
Linda Marshall-
Sandy Wrosch
Jeanette Weigel -
Ronda Winkler

Courthouse Research
Mike Parker - Courthouse Liason

Mike Crater